Friday, 30 April 2010

Cherry Culture Haul with a side of Mac Blush

So... Yesterday the little bundle I ordered from came, I love it when the postman brings me what I am waiting for! I had bought these delights as all really reasonable prices,

Really happy with all of it, the mineral blush by LA colours has a gorgeous sheen to it, and has a good amount of pigment, also comes with a little shelf underneath with a very soft brush and mirror, perfect for carrying round so it has gone straight in the handbag. The NYX blush I have heard so much about has the loveliest colour too it, similar to the Bobbi Brown pink I use, only need a little bit for the pop of pink to show up. A great price too. Now the Mac one is shad Style and I am in love, is has the loveliest golden undertones and is a sheer coral shade that only needs a little, it is pretty perfect for my colourings as a base then a little pinky on the apples of my cheeks and I am good to go. Wearing it for the first time today so will let you know if it wears all day.

I am a big fan of a smoky eye with a deep brown, reddish, Burgundy shadow, it seems to make my brown eyes pop out so was looking for a new good deep red so went with these two shades from Wild and Crazy and they have not disappointed, blended together they give me just the eye I was going for and they are a great size for carrying about for touch ups on a night out. The brown is by La Girl and to be honest I was not expecting it to be so glittery but there is good amounts of pigment and I wore it yesterday and it lasted all day. I will probably use it to wear under others to give a bit of sheen, not quite what I was after but looks to be useful.

Now excuse my first attempt at real swatches but wanted you to see the colours so here they are:

( L-R)

1.Wild and Crazy 3139 Rosy Jubilee

2. Wild and Crazy 316 Coppernia

3.La Girl ES147 Mud Slide

4.NYX 05 Pinky

5.La Colours Mineral Blush Just peachy

6. Mac Style Frost

And in one more light for good measure...


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  1. NYX Pinky and MAC Style are both on my list! Glad you got them.


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