Thursday, 29 April 2010

Birthday Goodies Winner is......

Not the most exciting of draw things but I was limited to what was on my desk at work, I promise an extravaganza next time! But the lovely Piper Jacquelyn from Steak&Cakes was the winner this time round, let me know your address and a little bundle of goodies will be flying its way to you ( volcano dependent!)

Thanks to everyone for taking part, I am really keen to do another probably next month so keep your eyes peeled!

Got my package from Cherry Culture today so will let you know my thoughts. The moment my bundle from there came, my internet trawling at work today led me to a great blog So Loverly and to the site Silk Naturals which has a great range of brand dupes like Mac babydoll and Nars Outlaw in mineral form and sells them in samply sizes which is perfect for me as I like to try before I buy. Ordered up a little bundle, really excited to see if the colours and product is worth some full sizers. Which are pretty damn cheap anyway!

Any one else tried out a site like this??


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