Monday, 15 March 2010

Very Berry

So a few weeks ago just before I started this blog I decided I was bored of my hair, it has been blondeish, very dark and mousey and in between but I needed a change and wanted something more lively and warm so I stood for an embarrassing amount of time in the shops pouring over mostly identical shades of mahogany reds.

I eventually settled on this black cherry shade by loreal, definitely more vibrant.

Easy to put on and taking the ususal 20 minutes the colour came out amazingly,it was rich and deep and with lovely tones that caught the light.

Usually when I do my hair with semi permanent stuff it takes a while to really like it but this one won me right over.

Not the best photo at all but just wanted to try and give an idea of the tones. Sadly it has faded a little faster than I would like but I am going to put some more in this week so I will post a freshly done photo when i do.

Still not brave enough to do it permanent though!

Hope you had a great weekend Bx


  1. Gorgeous color! With a name like black cherry, how could you not want to try it? I've tried similar colors to my hair and anything with red tends to fade so fast which is a shame since it is usually so nice and vibrant.

  2. I used loreal casting creme too! iced chestnut is what i have now:}


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