Monday, 29 March 2010

Papa's got a brand new bag..

So after being tagged by the lovely Vivian over at Diamonds and Tulle (, I had to join in and share the contents of my bag.This game comes at a time where I am experimenting with carrying on occasion a small over the body bag, this has never been my thing as I usually always have a mega bag so I can carry all sorts! But yesterday I tried this watered down contents...

Bag- Ri2k
Purse- Saddler-
I phone case-Cath Kidtson
Dove deo
Hat- For all the awful Scottish Weather!
Ipohone Nano 5th gen in Red with a patterned case I love!

Make Up Bag- Christian Lacroix
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Mini
Kirby Grips
W7 Eyeliner in Black
Colgate Mini
Clinique Blush stick in Rosy Blush
Witch Doctor cover up
No 7 Mascara
2True Waterproof black liner
Gosh Lipstick in Darling ( love this nude!)
Mac Lipglass in Underage
Tiny Perfume atomiser
Posie Tint Tester
High Beam Tester
Mini Floss

No wonder my shoulder hurts! and that is with a tiny bag.
I am more a carrier of a big bag like this beauty that has proved a total winner from Rampage, a bit tacky, a big shiny and a bit gold but I have ended up using it pretty much daily since before Christmas as the green silky lining is so nice and the handy massive middle compartment has meant dividing up my stuff and no longer losing things as often.

In here is:
2 litre bottle ( got to get the right intake a day, I carry this all the time, it is so heavy when full!)
Umbrella by Billy Bag
Batiste mini dry shampoo ( if you don't carry this you really must, it is my lifesaver!)
Dove Mini Deo
Mini Hairspray
Tail comb for a little lift to take me from work to Bar!
End of my Clinique Happy perfume
More Keys!
Ipod with case
I phone with black leather flip case
Saddler Purse
Cath Kidston Glasses case
Hat AND Gloves :)
Really handy pull out charging cord for phone and pod
Make Up same as before with some added little pieces if going somewhere after work!

I can also put in my little packed lunch- Hurrah! I really do love my miniatures huh...

So ladies if you have yet to tip out your bag on the floor- get snapping, In particular I would love:

to share their bags with us.

Hope you all had a great weekend



  1. These posts are so much fun! I just adore your small purse. Last summer I picked up an itty bitty purse and pared down my items considerably. It was hard to do, but I ended up loving not lugging around so much.

  2. Thanks Jessica! It was a real bargain I got at the weekend, down from £150 to £30 I really am starting to feel that too, it is nice to not be tired from carrying such a heavy bag!


  3. Nice post! I have also lots of things in my bag...

  4. So fun to see these posts! Love your bags :)

  5. Love all your Cath Kitdson cases! I'm trying to make my bags lighter too. :)

    xx Vivian @


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