Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Oscar Fever

I like everyone has spent the last couple of days pouring over all the hits and the definite misses of the 2010 Oscars, I love it!

Personal Favourites were: Maggie Gyllenhal, really love the bold colours on her, that pink lip looks gorgeous and the blues in the dress are so eyecatching!

I also thought Miley Cyrus brushed up nicely, the look was elegant but youthful and the champagne colour was a good nude shade for her. Much better than last years disaster ( think toilet roll cover)

I wont put them all up here as I know you will have been ogling them all as well but other ones I enjoyed: Sandra Bullock ( what a woman!) Carey Mulligans I am warming to, Demi Moore, Nicole Richie, Kristen Stewart admittedly did look stunning and the ever elegant Helen Mirren certainly shows how to dress fro her age but still look show stopping

My thoughts on the not quite as well dressed:

Who took gold for you this year? And who did you think look hilarious?


  1. Hi! New to your blog! Lovely picks! Maggie's dress was very refreshing in colour and agreed Zoe's dress did not do it for me on the bottom. I just did a post too. Hope you'll visit me!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  2. Really, thank you so much for your comment, You are my first! Love the vibe on your blog, following you now, totally agree on Anna Kendricks she was my other favourite!

    Come back again soon,

    Thanks again Bx

  3. for me Miley Cyrus was the best dressed of the night. I love her style, and she is a great inspiration to me .. also to have almost the same age. really enjoyed your post. xoxo

  4. Thanks so much Loudy, Come back and visit soon xx


Really appreciate you taking the time to comment, thanks for reading Bx

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