Thursday, 4 March 2010

Grease is no longer the word...

For years, I have had that has been OK when just washed but any time a few hours on looks pretty lank! In recent months it has got much worse and I could never ever go a day without washing it unless I wanted to use a large amount of dry shampoo and ending up looking a mess. I had tried various techniques, using hardly any shampoo, only shampooing the ends etc but nothing really changed.

So in a strop I hit google to see what other people had tried, I found some pretty interesting info for anyone in a similar situation:
  • Hair does need washed every day,or every other day if you like, this does not make it worse it but helps get the surplus amount of sebum your scalp is producing away.
  • Often people do not leave the shampoo they use on long enough, something I had never considered before, massaging it into your scalp and leaving it for a good few minutes really does help.
  • Avoid 2 in 1 shampoos and shampoos with Lanolin or silicone in they just equal more grease!
  • Luke warm water can be better than hot as it promotes sebum amounts.

But what to use now, I wanted a fix and fast, A lot of the chat on the net seemed to be about a hair range called Phyto and their Sebo- Regulating shampoo, but finding this at a price i was willing to pay was not happening.

So being the recessionista I am currently, I looked into similar options as I have seen good reviews of the shampoos like this. My research took me to a range called Lavera and this lemon milk shampoo for oily hair.I got mine on eBay for about £6 still more than I would normally spend on a shampoo but cheaper than some of the fancy ranges out there.

It came within a couple of days, the packaging may not be the sexiest on the market, but it was here to serve a purpose so I left my judgement out of the shower. It does have an almost medicinal lemony smell and a thick consistency scrubs in well, you don't need a massive amount at all, mine is not half way done yet and I have had it almost 2 months.
I have to say I am really really impressed with this stuff and highly recommend for any one with a similar problem, I even used conditioner ( shock horror) the other day and my hair was not greasy! I have seen a marked difference and no longer shudder at the thought of looking at my hair in the afternoon.

Anyone else got any good tips or used anything that has worked?

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