Friday, 26 March 2010

Eye Spy with my Little Eye


My dearest best friend and flat mate is the real mascara go to guru, I always take my lead from there. I will have to get her to guest blog sometime on all the best Mascaras but for now I have to share my thoughts on the newest one we have tried out.

It only cost around £6 just now and is not long out and I have to say I was impressed, The eyes above were my first back with the falsies and a trusty max factor over the top. ( I usually use false lash effect but this time it was lash extension effect by max factor, really good one for separating!) and it was quick easy a lovely sleek black and hardly a clump in sight.

A great budget buy for your peepers!

Rave review from Bh2T!x


  1. Seen several nice reviews on that. Glad to see another good one, definitely on my "to try" list!

  2. yeah I would say definitely pick one up and try it out! my list is getting too long... !!


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