Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Boom Boom POW!

So Dust It eh......

Well I have been giving it a bash since its arrival and I have got to say I am impressed, in fact, this is well worth the very few pennies you can get it for on ebay if you are a girl who is looking for a little volume in any kind of hair.

I was amazed when it arrived it is the lightest little bottle I have ever seen, I actually took out the top to check it was full, seeing as it is mostly silicone I am not sure why I am surprised!

Dying to try it out even though i doubted its ability in freshly washed hair I decided to go down the line of putting a little in my fingers and rubbing it under my roots- ( on reviews I have seen it is said that it is easy to put far too much in) You certainly would not want to go overboard as it does have a certain texture which you could feel in your hair, and a little does go a long way. As you can see...


Flat, normal, blah hair!


That took roughly two seconds, and the great thing is went to town after and it really did stay nice and full, the product sorts of stays there so whenever I roughed my roots back up and had a play it would mould to how I wanted it. a big recommendation from me, going to try it out on my flat mate who has much finer hair and see how it fairs.



  1. Hey - I have used this product... I really liked it, except one problem... It was very hard to brush out! :) worth it though for the added vavavoooom!

  2. Great results! Looks like you found a good product. Very cute blog :)

  3. LozzieLouLou I so agree, It does take a good brush and a good wash to get out, will probs use a nice clarifying shampoo after a big use. I am also to head out dancing with it in and see just how it fares......

    Katie, Thanks so much, hope you are well,


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