Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Beauty H2T HQ

IS A MESS......
Tell me yours is too??


  1. woh

    i am a boy i dont need that much stuff,


    i am in good mood today

    how are u today

  2. ME TOO!! Well, I TRY to keep it organized, but with all the chaos in the morning trying to get ready for work, by the end of the week... ;)


  3. A.Co It is nice to hear someone else is the same, that is exactly what I do, sort it all out then hit snooze too many times in the morning so stuff just gets flung back all over the joint!

    KNK I am good thank you, why such a good mood for you? I am tired from seeing Crazy heart last night and getting up for work today, but was worth it, film was really good


  4. My make-up drawer is slightly messy but I corral things in different baskets. My closet-room however is a disaster at the moment - you'll see in my next outfit post. Quite embarrassing for a grown woman. Eh - but what are we gonna do? :)

    xx Vivian @

  5. Hahaha - girls, 'eh? My poor fiancée, he leaves like a sock on the ground and I'm like, 'Put that in the laundry basket!', meanwhile, there my clothes are all over the floor. :S

    Thnx! You can find the peep-toe OTK boots here:


  6. A.Co hahaha that is too true, I do the exact same... 'pick that up' Yet I just fling things anywhere to find the exact, belt/necklace/lipstick! Thanks for the boots link you are a star.

    Vivian, cannot wait to see the closet, if only to help my guilt at my mess, I have purchased some clear boxes recently that might help at least group some stuff together and make it easier to spot things,but who knows how long that will last.....


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