Wednesday, 3 March 2010

And so it begins....

I am going to be a blogger! Well, I am going to try to be one.

After spending a long time trying to avoid embracing all this blog stuff I have decided to bite the bullet and attempt to do one for myself.

I am not the most eloquent or the most interesting, I may not be the most attractive or have the most money, but what I do have is a ridiculous habit of spending all my money on toiletries, hair products and makeup that I love to experiment with so I figured I might as well blog about the stuff I am spending all this money on!

I like all the reviews on web pages and magazines but after following various bloggers along the way trusting their reviews more than anyone I might as well throw my opinions out there too, it is nice to see an ordinary girl try out stuff and give an honest view. I would love to hear your thoughts, anything I should try out or anything great you have bought recently and want to shout about please leave a comment, it is great to get people talking- one (wo)mans trash really can be another (wo)mans treasure!


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