Wednesday, 13 February 2013

50 facts about me tag

Blogging for me in recent months has become so hit or miss, I have been actively keeping up with reading blogs but have not had the time to keep up to date with my own! I think it is nice to get to know the person behind a blog and without daily posting I find that element hard to include, so I wanted to do this ‘tag’ that has been making the rounds as I have loved reading the facts on other peoples blogs.

All about me!

1.       I live with my boyfriend Ally
2.       We have two anniversary’s, it took him a year to actually get me to be his ‘girlfriend’ so we have been going out for 4 and a half years ( or 3.5 depending how you look at it!)
3.       I am obsessed with charity shopping, I love the thrill of not knowing what I might find.
4.       I hate soup, I hate its smell, texture, taste- bleurgh. Everything about it gives me the creeps.
5.       In the last couple of years I have lost around 4 stone.
6.       I have an older brother, Gareth who lives in London and a younger brother, Mark who lives in Glasgow.
7.       I love watching documentaries
8.       My middle name is Mary.
9.       I am trying to educate myself on nutrition and healthy eating and find it really interesting.
10.   I am a crap cook but wish I was good at it.
11.   I completed courses in skin care, makeup and bridal makeup at college last year and am starting one on nutrition this year.
12.   I adore walking places- I would walk over getting transport at any time ( as long as it is dry!)
13.   I am not really into music that much, I prefer the radio.
14.   I am still deeply in love with Joshua Jackson.
15.   I wish I earned a little more money so I could travel more.
16.   I adore peanut butter- I could literally eat an entire jar without blinking. Ally now hides the jar so I can’t  come home and tuck in with a spoon.
17.   I found the jar for the first time in months 2 days ago and I devoured most of it.
18.   I have yet to find its new hiding spot L
19.   I don’t have any tattoos but 7 piercings.
20.   I adore mint green and gold jewellery.
21.   I have dermotillomania and trichotillomania, I work hard to stop myself pulling out my eyebrow hairs but picking my skin is still a bad habit.
22.   Ally calls me Steve half Jobs because I do lots of things at once, but never finish before I start the next.
23.   I have a short attention span.
24.   I love to get a bargain.
25.   I love urban adventuring.
26.   I would love to move abroad if I could move all the important people with me.
27.   I adore crappy trashy tv and I don’t care who knows it!
28.   I dance around my flat A LOT.
29.   Skincare is my major spending downfall.
30.   I used to drink massive amounts but am trying to learn to go out for tea and not always drink.
31.   We had mice in an old flat and since then I am terrified of ever having them again.
32.   I don’t sleep well and hallucinate a lot which causes much hilarity/ annoyance to Ally.
33.   I despise racism.
34.   I am incredibly proud of my friends.
35.   I used to play the cello, the piano and sang in a choir.
36.   I have a commuting nemesis who gets on at my stop- every day we fight for a seat. One day I think she will punch me.
37.   I watch Eastenders.
38.   I love putting make up on, I find it therapeutic.
39.   I wish I could speak another language.
40.   I will genuinely mourn my young persons rail care expiring this year.
41.   I went to Canada for four months one summer and I still miss it and long to go back.
42.   Going out for drinks and some dancing with my best friends is one of my favourite things.
43.   I am very similar to my dad ( sigh.)
44.   I sang with a choir at the opening of the Millenium Dome
45.   I am still terrified of David Bowie because of the film labyrinth.
46.   I have a degree in film, television and Sociology.
47.   I am absolutely terrible at geography, ask anyone I know.
48.   I have become horrifically organised and need to be more spontaneous
49.   I am on IMDB.
50.   I really, really want a pug. 


  1. Do you not already have a wee top-hatted pug?!

    1. mwahah he sits on my window sill and i still look at him and wish he would suddenly move! xx

  2. I am also still in love with Pacey... I mean Joshua Jackson! SWOONAGE!

    Loved this wee post :)


    1. I still believe genuinely one day we will fall in love. HAH!


  3. Omg labyrinth made me fall a bit in love with david bowie!lol


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