Wednesday, 16 January 2013 Sale Goodies Sale
1. Aretha Franklin Print £21.50 / 2. Imogen Heap Print £21.50 / 3. The XX Print £21.50
4. Trax Rose Gold Watch £304 / 5. Clear Ring £7 / 6. My First Laptop £23
7. ISleeve £69 / 8. Daschund Umbrella £17

Fab is another of the websites that I love to peruse of a lunch hour, it has the perfect mix of items at a range of prices and is the best site for finding unusual gifts. From home wares to jewelry to clothes and gadgets- it really does sell everything, and here a few of the goodies that caught my eye in the sale. How adorable is the first laptop for a pressie for a little one? and that Imogen Heap print is stunning!

Anyone else a Fab fan?

I am in no way associated with or being compensated for posting this- I just love a good sale!


  1. wow - I didn't know this website... will have to have a browse around soon... thanks for sharing! :) x

    1. there were so many things I really wanted! xx

  2. The first laptop is so damn cute! I'd never heard of this store before, thanks for sharing.

    P:S Found you on Scottish Blogger Network


    1. hello!thanks so much for coming across the blog :) how adorable is that laptop?? i want one for me to play with! xx


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