Tuesday, 22 March 2011

DIY: Custom Palette from Bodyform Tin

Want to start a foray into the world of depotting but not quite ready to shell out for a lovely z palette yet? Well that's the position I found myself in and I think I have worked out a very cheap and easy solution. Right now for every 99p pack of Bodyform you buy you get a free handy tin for holding them. If you take said handy tin and add in some cut out magnetic sheet you have yourself your own little customisable palette! 

Here it is with the magnetic sheet stuck to the bottom and from then I have popped in some of my inglot shadows, a stila shadow and a couple of Trish Mcevoy pieces. I got my self adhesive magnetic sheet from this seller on Ebay, and the sheet I got for about £3 including postage has made 3 palettes with enough to spare for another. Alternatively you can buy, or cut the sheets into smaller pieces and attach it to the bottom of the eyeshadows etc and then place them in. The tin is really durable, looks lovely and it perfectly safe so I totally recommend this to anyone looking to play around with their storage.


  1. such a fabulous idea! you are so creative with your makeup:)

  2. Sooooo cute...love the idea!

  3. I have so many of these bloody tins! :) haha thats such a good idea missus, thank you for sharing xx

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm visiting your blog for the first time and loving this inspired idea! So practical & cute. xx

  5. That's a great idea! I'm looking for a tin to depot my Too Faced palettes - I was going to get the small Z palette but I think this will do the trick just nicely!


  6. Hi there! I know this post is old, but I just found it via google, cause I'm planning to build a palette myself. I was looking at different thickness magnet sheets on ebay, is this 0.7mm one strong enough that the pans can't slide around (like from going in with a brush) and hold securely? If you could answer that, it'd really help me! Thank you!


Really appreciate you taking the time to comment, thanks for reading Bx

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