Monday, 17 January 2011

Versace eyeshadow V2021-0

I Love Tk Maxx, I think America has a Tj Maxx that is the same company, but for anyone not familiar with the shop it is a big place where random stuff lives, home wares,shoes, clothes, bags and make up. From Designer to high street it is all in there at a big discounted price you just have to hunt to find the good stuff. I always say you have to go in, in the right mood- it is not just go in, quick look and hurrah! But I kind of love the challenge of the hunt, so when a brand spanking new store, all un-messed up by shoppers hands opened near me I had to go and check out what make up treats they were hiding before it was all full of finger prints or smashed up.

One of the things I found in immaculate condition and bought for its sheer gaudy packaging, was a Versace eyeshadow in shade V2021-0 ( catchy!) This is a goldy rose colour with finely milled shimmer that gives a stunning coral sheen to the lids, and actually makes a pretty fine highlighter to boot. Application is incredibly smooth and with some faithful UDPP under it, it shines all day long crease free. I cannot wait to use it when my skin is not so pasty- I think it will look really gorgeous in the summer. I picked this up for only £2.99 and I love it, even in its shiny silver plasticky casing :)

Ignore the very quick post gym application!But hopefully you get the idea, worn here with a little blusher I bought the same day,review coming soon and some tinted moisturiser. 



  1. Great find! Yeah, thats just how TJ Maxx here - you have to be in the right mood to dig through everything!

  2. Good find...I didnt even know versace sold eyeshadows.

  3. Wow, gorgeous color! And I love that it's post-gym for you and you still obviously look awesome! I would be a bright reddish purple and half dead - not cute, ha ha!


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