Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Shiny Pretty Things

Just a couple of little treats I bought last week , necklace was £6 in Warehouse and the ring which I LOVE is £3 in New Look and it is buy one get one free, so I got it in black too- HURRAH!



  1. Beautiful! Love them both!

  2. LOVE the ring!!! .. and i LOVE that you treated urself - u deserve it sweetie!!!


  3. Totally loving that ring. I am on a total ring kick but find they make my poor fingers look chubby. Oh well, I still love the look.

  4. oh my gosh! i am pretty much in love with that ring. it looks so fresh and clean. kind of a weird way to describe a flower-- but those were my instant thoughts upon seeing it! :)

    p.s, glad to hear you braid your hair too! i agree, it is probably one of the easiest styles to create that gives you a good outcome!


  5. I love both pieces! So pretty.


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